Oh, it’s satire? I guess that makes it okay then.

Just got this lovely bit of bile via the Repeal Amendment One Facebook group. It’s a “Westboro Baptist Church” parody calling for a “Gluttony Amendment” with catchy slogans like “God Hates Fats.”

I’m sorry, I’m going to have to put on my official “Fat Advocate with No Sense of Humor” hat and declare this to be in really poor taste. Yes, yes, I get the parallels. But the thing is “You wouldn’t misuse the Bible against *that* group of people” only works when people aren’t doing that very thing on a continual basis. “A Modest Proposal” would not have been satire if people were already roasting and selling Irish babies.

Fat people *do* get death threats. They *do* have people saying “Thank God for diabetes and heart attacks.” There are attempts to legislate fat people out of existence by bullying us “for our own good” or taxing junk food or giving kids “diet” lunches.

And, predictably, when commenters said, “Um, WTF?” the “It’s a joke” card was played. Because saying that you’re joking magically removes any harmful effects that your words have. The pastor who advocated beating up your kids if they “act gay” fell back on that same tired defense. “Oh, I was joking.” Maybe that would’ve been more apparent if you were, you know, actually funny.

One thought on “Oh, it’s satire? I guess that makes it okay then.

  1. Thanks for this. I am hardly the politically correct type. I am more than happy to laugh at myself and to use sarcasm, satire, etc. to make a point about anything. But it is a craft that must be mastered and context matters. WAY too many people use “It’s a joke” to cover their asses. You know they meant it, but they know they stepped in it and don’t want to face the music. It’s a lot like when someone says something like “No offense, but you’re a total bitch.” It’s a pathetic attempt at dodging.

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