Doggie on a Diet 4: The Happy Ending

We set a record for “shortest foster ever,” and adorable little Hershey Girl is now in her new home. She’s not only happy and making her people happy, she’s also made their nervous dog much more relaxed and outgoing.  (That doesn’t always happen and anyone with a fearful dog who’s considering getting them a canine pal should read Debbie Jacobs thorough and detailed post on the things that you should consider.)

In less happy puppy news, Reba is now back with us, after having been adopted out. (Between their plans to move to Denver, the BSL capital of the US, her pretty intense exercise needs, the stress of caring for a baby, and difficulties keeping a highly active dog from running over or jumping on a just-learning-to-crawl kidlet, they decided it wasn’t workable.)

We’ve discovered that two days of doggie daycare a week seems to make her much happier and calmer. Training is progressing, and Matt’s taking her to an adoption event today. Exercise keeps you sane, go figure. I know when my anxiety was undiagnosed and untreated, SCA fighting was pretty good therapy (and probably a lot better idea than other ways to self-medicate, except for the long term risks of getting repeatedly thwapped upside the head with a stick).

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