Doggie Diet Update

Hershey Girl, our foster dog (who I mentioned in my last post), is mostly over her kennel cough. Yay! She has more energy and is no longer having difficulty swallowing. Also yay! She’s still being very picky about food, which is apparently odd for beagles. Definitely something to ask about at the vet visit. It’s possible she’s learned that if she ignores kibble, she can hold out for chicken, and once she realizes that more chicken is not forthcoming, she’ll eat her kibble. What’s bizarre is that she’s not eating out of her dish, but will eat if I put a little handful of kibble in front of her. We’re still putting chicken or beef stock on it, and are now doing that for Diamond too. It’s easy and cheap, and if it makes the puppies happy and gets more variety in their diet, that’s a good thing. It’s possible that she’s eating the cats’ food, so I’m going to pick that up when I leave in the mornings. Which will no doubt irritate their feline majesties, but oh well.


2 thoughts on “Doggie Diet Update

  1. kprofou says:

    My elderly dog has vestibular syndrome, bless his little puppy heart, and for the longest time he would eat very little out of his bowl, but if you put a pile of the same kibble in front of him on the floor or in your hand, he’d eat it like crazy. So we did that each night and slowly began reducing the amount we fed him that way and increasing the amount in his bowl and finally he eats exclusively from his bowl, (it took several months to get him to that point).

    His life changed completely out of the blue and I think the attention we gave him reassured him that he’d be okay. I might be projecting a lot, but he was completely freaked out when it first happened and I certainly like to think that our efforts bolstered him emotionally as well as physically.

    • KellyK says:

      Poor puppy dog. I’m glad that he’s doing better, and I definitely believe that comforting animals helps them deal with stress. Being sick is scary even as a human when you know what’s going on and why–how much scarier must it be for an animal that doesn’t understand?

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