Things Kelly Is Not Allowed to Say on Facebook

-Dude, if you want to live in a theocracy, I’m sure Iran is lovely this time of year.

-SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR CASTLE, AND YOUR FARM, AND YOUR SIMS. I can’t find my important cartoons and kitty pictures in all this crap.

-So, you’re upset because you might have to pay for a fat junkfood-eater’s health care, but not at all worried that they’ll pay for yours, because flying planes in Alaska isn’t a hazardous job *at all.* And skiing and snowboarding, totally safe and healthy hobbies. Running from the cops on your motorcycle, also a totally healthy and wise decision. We can tell you make good decisions because you’re thin, really.


-Yes, you can totally marry a tree, provided that I get to uproot the tree and beat you with it for making such stupid arguments on my posts. SSM != marrying a plant.


3 thoughts on “Things Kelly Is Not Allowed to Say on Facebook

  1. KellyK says:

    #3 isn’t meant to be critical of the person’s choices, I should add (well, except for the motorcycle thing, I’m totally critical of that). It’s much more, “Pot, this is the kettle. C’mon now.”

  2. I might be out of the loop here, but why are you not allowed to say these?

    • KellyK says:

      Mostly because they’re rude, but also because some are in response to other people’s posts, and i try really hard not to argue with people on their Facebook walls (though I’ll defend my position if they start stuff on mine).

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