The Puppy Is Eating My Life

I have lots of ideas for posts, but haven’t posted in a while, largely because of this girl:Reba (a red and white pit bull) cuddled up to Mr. Thinkstoomuch

We’re fostering her for a rescue organization, and she’s a sweetie. She’s also fairly needy, and because of her background (she came in pretty beat up), we’ve had to introduce her very slowly to our dog.

But I do still exist…I think.


3 thoughts on “The Puppy Is Eating My Life

  1. Eselle says:

    For myself there isn’t much in life more gratifying than helping an animal who has been abused. The effort you are investing may be “eating your life” right now but I’m betting you’re getting much good stuff in return.

    • KellyK says:

      Oh, absolutely. It’s really awesome to see her happy, putting on a little weight, and healing up from her injuries. And she’s a fantastic dog. A complete and utter cuddlebug.

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