On Speaking Up

I really have trouble speaking my mind, especially around people who I know will disagree with my opinions or think less of me for them. In working with my awesome nutritionist, I realized that I tend to deflect or shy away from conversations about fat or politics, or anything else where I know I have an “out-there” opinion.

Problem is, everywhere I go, I have an “out-there” opinion. I’m a liberal in a conservative county, a fat acceptance advocate in a dieting world, and a feminist Christian.*

Part of my reluctance comes from bad experiences with people proselytizing. For their religion, their diet, their politics, it doesn’t much matter which, it all leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

So, I’m looking for the balance. Not hiding my light under a bushel, but not shining it in people’s eyes either.

So, I’m taking baby steps. I linked my blog to my twitter account (my twitter no longer has my real name, but I certainly have twitter friends who know me in real life–I’d like to keep a little separation between my “personal” online life and my “professional” one.)

I e-mailed my church explaining why the comment from last week’s service was so problematic.

I e-mailed the commissioners of the next county over about their proposed breed-specific regulations, and I’ll be attending the meeting where it’s discussed. Maybe some time I’ll write a post about what breed-specific laws have in common with fat hate. There are similar over-generalizations and disregard for experience (and often scientific studies) in both, and a similar focus on quick fixes.

*How much of an issue that last is depends enormously on the denomination, of course. At the church I grew up in, *huge* issue. At an interfaith church whose main pastor is a Southern Baptist, it tends to be an issue some of the time. At Quaker meetings, much less so.


2 thoughts on “On Speaking Up

  1. fattery says:

    That’s awesome! I have trouble expressing my out-there opinions too sometimes. When they are really personal (as this FA stuff is), I just find myself at a loss for words. So I’m impressed by the steps you’ve taken to put your opinions just a little more out there.

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