I really like this article about all the guilt, judgment, and general craziness around food choices. The idea is that a huge part of this comes from the dizzying array of things to consider in order to feed yourself. Not just what do I have access to and what do I like, but all the health and ethical and other things. And there’s no way to do it perfectly.

Given the range of food options and the variety of demands we try to satisfy when we shop and cook, it is no wonder that most of us feel like mediocre eaters – call us “mediocrevores.” We do the best we can, but we know every meal we eat could have been lower calorie, higher fiber, less processed, more local. The Chorus of self-hating eaters is what happens when mediocrevores see people who appear to have solved the food problem and then project their dissatisfaction with their own choices onto them. The Soloist is what happens when a mediocrevore needs to persuade you of his superiority in order to persuade himself.

I would love to see everyone chill out about food, especially at work. I always feel weird if I’m eating a salad or a “healthy” frozen meal and people talk about how “good” I’m being.