A spoonful of sugar

Katja Rowell over at Family Feeding Dynamics has a good post on how a little sugar helps kids learn to like new foods.

I will definitely say that sugar was instrumental in helping me learn to like coffee. I’m not sure if that’s a *good* thing, exactly, but when I was in college, I sometimes really needed coffee to stay up late working on papers. So I either drank super-sugary lattes or put a ton of milk and sugar into regular coffee. But, gradually, I started to appreciate the flavor of coffee itself and used less and less sugar. I still think my husband’s habit of drinking black coffee is weird, but I have a much stronger sensitivity to bitterness than he does. And, with really good coffee, I might drink a sip or two black.

Also, if sugar is forbidden, a kid is going to want it all the more. Part of appreciating things without sugar is actually satisfying that natural desire for sweetness somewhere else.


2 thoughts on “A spoonful of sugar

  1. Slyjinks says:

    Hey, coffee’s good for you! Learning to appreciate it’s a good thing! Although even I think it’s weird that my two and three year old nephews drink it…

    As for sugar for exploring new foods, that makes sense. It’s been proven that children are more sensitive to bitter flavors. It seems reasonable to sweeten things up a bit if that’s what it takes, since nature itself saw fit to make sure they can pick out the bitter. Besides, if you develop a strong enough aversion to a food as a child, it can become that much more difficult to learn to like that food later on; I’ve always had that problem with brussel sprouts. If sugar can prevent things like that, so much the better.

    • KellyK says:

      Well, coffee’s not necessarily good for me; at least the caffeine isn’t good for my anxiety.

      I’m pretty sure brussel sprouts are one of those foods that it’s hard to cook well and easy to make really gross. I’ve had brussel sprouts that were okay a couple times, and only once that I really enjoyed

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