On a happier note…

Today was my first class at the new yoga studio, and it was fabulous. Very knowledgeable, helpful teacher, good about going around to each student to make sure we’re doing the poses right and suggest modifications. My legs feel like jello right about now, but not in a bad way. They offer bellydance too. I’m not sure the ankle’s up for that, but I can give it a try. I may check out their “all the classes you want for a month” payment option so that if I go to the bellydance class and have to bail after 20 minutes or something, it’s not a waste of money.

I also did some stretching and ab stuff yesterday, which made the sciatic pain a lot better. Yesterday was a really unhappy day painwise, between lots of time in the car and getting busy enough at work to forget to take stretch breaks. Today, though, I’m feeling much better!


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