Home again, Home again

So, I’m home after a week of work travel. Spending the week in a much more urban environment than I’m used to was nice, because there were a zillion good places to eat, all within walking distance. It’s fabulous when you’re traveling to not have any food decision more complicated than “Which of the nearby places do I want to eat tonight?” or “What should I order off this menu that’s being passed around?”

I had sushi, Thai food, Lebanese food (stuffed grape leaves and a lamb wrap sandwich in pita), and a fantastic bacon cheeseburger. I was particularly psyched about the cheeseburger because the restaurant, Busboys and Poets, is big on local produce and free range meats. I’m a confirmed meat eater, but I like to know that the meat I’m eating led a decent life. I’ve actually avoided watching Food, Inc. because I know that factory farming is cruel, but I also don’t think I can commit to free range, well-treated everything all the time. Or to never eating at restaurants other than that one and, when I’m not in DC, Chipotle. So, the critters would be no better off for my having seen it, and I would be worse off by virtue of being run over by the guilt bus.

Anyway, I’ve actually missed cooking. So, today I’m taking advantage of the federal holiday to make lasagna and a chocolate cream pie. There will also be garlic bread and a nice salad to go with it.

I also missed being totally in charge of my eating schedule. We had fruit and granola bars in the meeting room, so I managed to get in my normal morning snack, but it’s not quite comfortable to have other team members talking about their various diets while I’m walking to the back of the room for a banana and a piece of chocolate. I also like to eat lunch way earlier than most people, so even with a snack, my stomach would be growling pretty impressively by the time we took our lunch break.

2 thoughts on “Home again, Home again

  1. Sounds like a good meal. I wish I had the patience for cooking.

    • itsalllissasfault says:

      Yeah, unfortunately it does take patience, though it depends on what you make. Most days I don’t have the patience to do something as complex as lasagna and make a dessert too, that’s for sure.

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