Hello, Fatosphere!

So, I’m on the feed now. Thanks, Bri, for adding me, and for maintaining Notes from the Fatosphere. It’s truly an awesome thing. To any new readers I’ve picked up, welcome! Pull up a comfy seat, grab a soda or a beer out of the fridge. Don’t mind the dog, she’s harmless, but the cat bites. Hope you’re not allergic. 🙂

I pretty much envision this blog being a place to discuss the intersection of faith (non-denominational quasi-liberal Christian in my case, but I’m interested in religious issues in general too), feminism, and fat acceptance. I’m particularly interested in (and irked by) the way religious ideas get used in anti-woman or body-hating ways, and that ends up being a primary focus. I’m also very interested in HAES and applying the ideas of “gentle nutrition.” You know, eat in ways that support your body and make you feel good without driving yourself off the deep end or buying into diet hysteria.

I don’t have a comment policy per se. I welcome friendly discussion and respectful disagreement; trolls and diet evangelists will get banned.


4 thoughts on “Hello, Fatosphere!

  1. Welcome! As a sort of slacker Quaker (and a firm believer in gentle nutrition), I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. JeninCanada says:

    As a Pagan it’s cool to see someone taking on the faith/religious aspects of fat-hate. Many many images of the goddess show her as a fat woman (Venus of Willendorf, anyone?) but at the same time you can find nearly as many, if not more, images of the female divine representing conventional beauty. Welcome to the feed!

  3. […] replied to a post of mine, mentioning how a lot of Pagan religious imagery portrays the Goddess as a fat woman, with the […]

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