I was looking for The Fat Nutritionist’s definition of diet, since I’m pretty sure she said it more pithily than I could. I didn’t find it, but I did find this:

I am hungry, and my body is a much better estimator of calories and portion sizes and even balanced nutrition than my head, or anyone else’s, will ever be. I eat exactly what I’m hungry for, and I do this because I learned how — something that many people won’t ever learn, because that is exactly how fucked-up our culture is over food. If I overeat, it’s an occurrence relative only to myself, not to the thin person next to me. And if I eat more than someone else, say, more than someone thin, it is not because I am stupid and they aren’t, not because I don’t understand nutrition and they do, not because I’ve never been read the Riot Act Obesity Act, and certainly not because I am an immoral, no-good, greedy, wanton symbol of evil Western imperialism and overconsumption.

It is because I am hungry, and I know how to feed myself so that I am no longer hungry. It’s something no one else can do for me; I have to do it for myself. And I thank the good Lord every day that I can, and do.


2 thoughts on “Hunger

  1. Kelly Smith says:

    I absolutly praise & adore the way you write. There is logic, passion, and a fair, relatable amount of anger in it. I really enjoyed reading your posts!

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