A quickie on vitamins

One of the ideas that I’ve touched on here is that there’s not always one best, perfect choice as far as healthy food, that different people at different times need different things. The idea isn’t mine; I got it from Michelle, The Fat Nutritionist. But I do keep being exposed to examples of it in the wild.

Case in point: Breakfast. I like breakfast, I don’t function without breakfast. But recently for me, breakfast has become a challenge. See, I have to wait a half hour after taking morning meds to eat. But not too long, if I don’t want to start feeling really sick. (The “must eat breakfast shortly after waking up” thing is not new…it just adds a layer of complication with the meds.) Because of those same meds, I’m also limited in what I can eat in the morning. No major sources of calcium or iron before 10:30. So, the quick go-to breakfast of cereal and milk, maybe with some toast or fruit or an English muffin? Yeahno. Too much milk.

Anyway milk is one of the quintessential breakfast beverages right up there with coffee and OJ. And they all pose their own difficulties. A bit of milk in my coffee is okay, but dairy-laden espresso drinks are right out. And orange juice is often fortified with…CALCIUM and IRON. Luckily, I can usually find the non-fortified, even in my preferred pulp-free version, but it requires some label-reading. I would run into the same issue with fortified cereals if they weren’t already off the table due to milk. It does mean that if I’m eating handfuls of dry cereal in the morning, I need to check the label of said cereal, or I may as well just dump milk on it.

Now, you’d think that adding vitamins to something makes it healthier, right? Vitamins are good for you, yes? Well, not always in every situation, which is my point. An attempt to make orange juice healthier actually *removes* it from my breakfast options.

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