Feminists Don’t Hate Men, We Just Don’t Like You (if you’re a jerk)

Oh, look, it’s a condescending book written by a male teacher toward feminist students, with such gems as “feminist scholar is an oxymoron” and “why do they hate us?”

Ah, yes, the standard “why do you haaaaaaaate us?” whining whenever a feminist questions something as unfair, or expects to be treated like a full human being and, you know, respected as much as a male student.

I tried to read the free bits on Amazon, but I just couldn’t do it. I got as far as the TOC, with section titles like “Why Feminists Hate Men Who Aren’t Gay.” Look, when you act condescending, smug, and superior toward women, don’t be surprised if they don’t all like you. Particularly when you’re a college professor who’s smug and condescending toward your students. It’s especially “fun” to be a student who’s a target of a professor’s ire because your grade depends on this person’s opinion of you.

So, yeah, if you’re ticking off all the feminists on campus, could it maybe, just maybe, not be because feminists are evil man-hating hags, but because you started the hate-fest by tossing around terms like “feminazi” or because you’re, in some way, acting like a sexist butthead? Heck, I haven’t even met you, and I already don’t like you. It *could* be because you’re a man, but wait, let’s look at this. I don’t harbor any seething hatred toward my husband, brother, male coworkers, male friends, male relatives, male classmates past or present, random guys in my neighborhood, male waitstaff or store clerks, the male mechanic who fixes my car, or that nice dude who sweeps outside my office building, who always smiles and says hi to me. So, the logical proposition of “male” = “Kelly hates you” is soundly proven false.

Hm…why might I not like this guy? Oh, right “feminist scholar is an oxymoron” = “you just called me stupid” That’s it! Of course, it’s because I’m a man-hating feminazi that I can’t read five pages into your work without wanting to vomit. The fact that you just made sweeping generalizations that negate my hard work, good grades, intelligence, and probably general worth as a human being clearly has nothing to do with it. /eyeroll

So, it turns out that feminist women (using a sample of one) treat guys as individuals (hm…just how we’d like to be treated) and get along great with ones who are reasonable people and dislike ones who…wait for it…are jerks. Yep, clearly I’m mean.


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