Boosting the Signal

I’m not sure it’s really “boosting the signal” to relay something from a popular blog on the fatosphere to my little blog that probably has three readers, but hey, this is important, and every little bit helps.

I’ll spare you all the rant on how insurance companies are pretty much evil personified and cut straight to the chase. Sofia has an eating disorder and is trying to get better. Her insurance company approved only a tiny portion of the time she needs at a residential treatment center. She has a lawyer working on the case, trying to get the insurance company to pay for the full stay, and her lawyer feels it’d be best for her to remain in treatment throughout the appeal process. And that’s really flipping expensive.

So, if you want to help her out, go here.

I know there are a kajillion worthy causes out there, and I don’t want to put pressure on anyone. Just, if you can help, and you feel like this is a place where you want to, well, there it is.

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