Some Positive Notes

I’ve been losing a lot of faith in humanity reading about the huge opposition to the Muslim community center in NY, the planned Koran burning (which was at least called off), and other isolated bits of hate and stupid.
But amidst all that, there have been some pretty striking notes of tolerance and decency.

The Massachusetts Bible Society has promised to give out two Korans for every one burned. And now that the Koran-burning didn’t happen on September 11 and doesn’t look like it will, they’ll still give out Korans using the donations they’ve received.

The Gainesville Muslim Initiative spent September 11 distibuting food and hygiene supplies to folks in need. They also had a book drive, a blood drive, and a candlelight vigil. I can’t applaud this group enough for being awesome, for answering the ugliness that gets thrown at them with such kindness.

And on one little corner of the internet, someone who said a bunch of bigoted and ill-thought-out stuff *listened* to the counter-arguments, reconsidered their position, and apologized.

It’s all little stuff, but sometimes that’s all it takes.

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