Enough with the religious discrimination already

Oh, look, Disney sent one of their employees home without pay because–GASP–she was wearing a Muslim headscarf, and that apparently doesn’t comply with their “look.”

Good for her for filing a complaint.

I think some diversity training for their management might be in order. I recommend having them ride “It’s a Small World” for a good eight or ten hours. One of two things will happen–either they’ll gain an appreciation for other cultures and beliefs, or after hours of hearing THAT SONG on endless loop, they’ll give in just to make it stop.

I haven’t written anything about the people protesting against the “Ground Zero Mosque” (in sarcastic scare quotes because it’s neither a mosque, nor at Ground Zero), but that infuriates me too. Like this, but more so. Much, much more so. For right now, I’ll content myself with pointing out that, contrary to popular belief, the First Amendment does not contain the phrase “except for Muslims.” Really, it doesn’t.


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