Calorie-Counting for the Pre-K Crowd…Why?

Katja at Family Feeding Dynamics posted this about cutesy little coloring pages for kids to “teach” them about “nutrition,” at her local farmer’s market by having them circle the “healthiest” choice, that is the one with the fewest calories. They’re supposed to pick the half cup of fruit, not the same thing with EVIL, UNHEALTHY additions like…fruit juice…or (gasp) yogurt! Thirty-six whole calories difference between the “healthiest” choice and the “least healthy” one. I mean, it’s not like kids are growing or need calories for brain development or anything. Or like lots of parents would be thrilled to have their kids happily eat a fruit cup with yogurt and orange juice.

Why why WHY would you want to teach little kids this stuff? Not just the standard line that cookies are bad and everybody needs to exercise more, but full-on disordered eating where TWO FREAKING TABLESPOONS of LIGHT YOGURT is a danger to be avoided. At this rate, I’m gonna get my recommended daily allotment of exercise just rolling my eyes.

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