Blogroll Addition

This really well-written post by Attack Laurel reminds me that I need to add her to my blogroll.

I like the fact that she talks about religion being used and twisted by abusers, without implying that religion in general or Christianity in particular are bad things.

I read this , which Attack Laurel linked, and I felt disgusted, but also angry.

All that stuff about Eve being flawed because she wasn’t part of the original creation–it’s a thin and cheesy fake theology justification for hate and evil and abuse. God made Eve because Adam needed her, remember? He was *alone* and that was *not good.* She was important, valuable. Not some slapped-on, second-rate afterthought.

How much hate do you have to have inside to believe that the God you worship made half of all humans

a perversion of the original creation[..]Only a piece, scrap, made of a man, to deceive him by

Evil, hateful, blasphemous words. Funny how Jesus spoke to a lot of women, many of whom were the immoral women that this pastor rails on about, and such ugly words never crossed his lips.


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