False Gospels

Kataphatic (who I must now add to my blogroll) has an awesome post about how we set weight loss up as a false gospel. It’s supposed to lead to life and health and all good things, but when we put weight loss on a pedestal, we totally ignore the fact that most ways of getting there are not healthy, or not sustainable. Gastric bypass, anorexia, diet pills. Even “eat less and move more” can cause gall stones, mess up your metabolism, and apparently screw up your immune system (credit to Kate Harding @ Shapely prose for that study link).

And yet we link these dangerous activities not just with health but with faith. There are prayers for weight loss and Christian diet books.

Dude, just no. I’ve been exhausted from not eating enough, and I’ve been happily fed, and I can tell you which state I have the energy to serve God in. And in which state I’m better able to show love and tolerance and mercy to those around me. It’s not when I’m hungry and counting calories and making the gym my first priority.

Huge props to Kataphatic for this–it definitely deserves a read.


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