That first post

So, I have a blog. This is the result of reading a lot, thinking a lot, and wanting to join the discussions that are going on in the blogosphere. And, you know, not spam my Facebook with political rants, because it really annoys me when people do that.

This is going to be a feminist & fat-accepting blog for sure. I’ll talk about what that means to me personally, but for more info on the concepts in general, there’s a feminism 101 blog and Kate Harding’s Don’t You Realize Fat is Unhealthy post will give you a good background.

I also want to tie this in with my religious beliefs. I don’t think being a Christian and being a feminist are in any way mutually exclusive. That central principle of equality is actually, you know, Biblical. And yet, I see so much done in the name of God that makes me want to facepalm.

So, welcome to the party. More to follow soon…

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